The painting process for me is a deep exploration into ancient longings and expressions that are often buried deep within the soul and psyche. The artmaking process puts me in direct relationship with all that is.

I am interested in excavating the hidden moments, the forgotten and unseen and bringing them out in the open and the light.

Giving voice and expression to the continual dance life has to offer through mark making, color, shape and line helps to make the invisible, visible and aim to give voice to the sacred power that lies within the heart of all creation.

Through the seen and unseen worlds, the known and unknown, the vision of what may be or not be I seek to create from the juxtaposed places and spaces that are calling me.

By listening deeply and daring greatly I bring back treasures of the soul through paint.

As a mixed media artist, I aim to create a freedom and expansion in my work that I am often attracted to and gravitate towards in life.

Through ripped papers and layers, frenetic and intuitive shapes, wild brush stokes and carefully placed bits of collage I work to uncover the mysteries of life.

By using discarded elements and other materials such as pastel, graphite, ink and collage papers I seek to convey an energetic connection and create a synergy between the use of the different materials.

I love the element of surprise in my work, the intensity, the rawness, the unknown and I am often drawn back to expressing these moments.

Collage plays a crucial role in my painting practice because it helps to create a harmony between the broken which is made beautiful. This is a major interest and theme that is often seen throughout my work.

By incorporating collage elements, I am able to take perhaps what may appear to be an undesirable material offhand and weave it into something that is beautiful.

THIS EXCITES ME! As there is very much an alchemical transformation that occurs within this idea. To bring creation back through destruction. To change perception and re-engage with material in a different way and be able to give something new life is invigorating.

My paintings represent my long journey of returning back to myself and contain the elements of the while journey including the broken bits, the scars and the mistakes.

They seek to convey the beauty in the brokenness. The light in the darkness. And to honor the scared journey of the soul.

At the end of the day artmaking for me is a meditative practice, a way to commune with all that is and a deep contemplation and reflection and ultimately a way to bring back and keep the magic and mystery alive.