Natalie Dadamio (b. 1979) is a mixed media contemporary abstract artist living and working in Upstate N.Y.  She returned to her art making practice at a later age in her life, after a long healing journey back to herself. Since her re-awakening to art, Natalie has been creating with a fervor and making up for lost time. She uses art as a healing tool, a way to access energy and is drawn to the spiritual and energetic within her life and her work.

Natalie’s work is often influenced by her shamanic practice and energetic understanding. Through her trials and tribulations, hearts song, and life’s arduous journey back to herself, Natalie seeks to bring through the magic and mystery of what it means to be alive.

Natalie uses mixed media to convey the hidden, the wounded, and the secretive, and showcase the beauty in the brokenness. Through her work she channels the present moment into the infinite.

Ultimately, Natalie seeks to bring healing, peace and understanding to an often torn and conflicted world. As a vessel and channel, Natalie conjures and creates new worlds where we can rest, take refuge, and learn to love ourselves and each other again.

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