Often we find ourselves in the middle of a mess and longing for something more. Perhaps we are to afraid to take the next steps, and creative support around facing our fears. We may need support around opening up more deeply to our own inherit creativity/art/voice and full expressions.

I know what it is like to wait too long, to fall apart, to hide, to remain silent, and to forget your gifts.

I have been down this road and I can assure you, nothing is wrong with you when you are faced with challenges, fears and/or blocks. Nothing is wrong with you when you know inside your heart that you have the desire to express and bring your art, creative gifts and full expressions to the world, but when you try, you feel disconnected, or perhaps are even to shy to come out.

I combine my skills acquired over the last 2 decades not solely as an artist, but as an empath/intuitive, shamanic practitioner and energy healer to help hold, and anchor space for my clients.

As a guide and coach, I help people unlock their inherit creativity, break through fear and resistance, and become closer to their authentic selves, not just in art and creative practices, but in life.

I help my clients navigate their way back to their creative hearts in order to help them live their most creative, artful, soulful and free lives.

I have learned over the years that it is not by running away that we find ourselves, but rather it is turning and facing ourselves, and our fears that we gain and grow the most.

Sometimes this takes the aid and assistance of an outside perspective, to help us see the situation more clearly. Through Intuitive Creativity Coaching, I seek to create openings, hold space, and help my clients face themselves.

Through my honest and raw reflections both on and off the page, I seek to convey, support and guide my clients into a deeper understanding and relationship with themselves in order for them to become fully present with their art, creations and story.

By working through blocks, moving through fears, and creating a sacred container of support and holding space in an artful way, I help reorient, anchor, and move my clients back to the center of themselves.

Each coaching session is crafted to the individual as needed in an intuitive and artful way.

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