You often hear that the longest journey one will take is from their head to their heart…

Natalie Dadamio has taken such a journey, born, and raised in the ‘Twilight Zone’, Binghamton N.Y. circa 1979, Natalie spent most of her early years dipping in and out of the arts.

As a sensitive child, Natalie was always drawn to the arts, but it took her many years, and several detours to return to herself and her artmaking practice.

Although it would be nearly two decades until she returned to herself, and her art, Natalie was always an artist at heart.

In the summer of 2010, in response to the damaging experiences of her past, Natalie stepped onto and into the healing path. She would learn to heal her mind, body and spirit over the intense decade long journey that followed.

Little did she know this healing journey would lead her straight back to the mystery and magic of reclaiming her artist self and becoming the artist she left behind as a child.

Natalie’s sensitivity always had her energetically attuned to the higher octaves of life, and even at times she didn’t’ understand what all the underpinnings meant in her younger years, she knew it was a different way to be and engage in the world.

This sensitivity and empathic nature informs the Artist she is to this day and also informs the way she engages, perceives and interacts with her surroundings.

After a long hard spiritual emergence, Natalie arrived full circle back to Artmaking and an Art practice, and she knows firsthand what it is like to experience the healing power of Art.

Through this understanding she seeks to offer back all she has received.

If you’re interested in learning more about Natalie’s creative coaching, and how that may benefit you, please…