This video was created on Day 43 of #the100dayproject and I stumbled across it while creating new videos for You Tube from this  years video content that I had initially created for Instagram.The 100 day project is a project that runs collectively on Instagram every year. It’s a way to show up daily, and move through one’s own fears and blocks, or just learn a new skill and/or simply have fun.

Of course, the choice is always up to you. You are the one who gets to choose your topic for The 100 day project. The project for 2021 was called, Explore Experiment Express 100. And you can view  the full finished project under the hashtag here #exploreexperimentexpress100

I found that this year’s 100 day project was really taking me somewhere, and a lot of really great things have come from it so far. There is something about daring to show up and give ourselves the moment, where we start to create our own opportunities in the process.

I am fascinated by seeing what happens when we commit to ourselves and our respective creative and art practices. There is this ebb and flow that happens, an expansion and contraction. And it’s all asking us to just dare to show up and see what happens.




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