Do you remember the first time you ever came alive?

When you felt it all?

Art making and mark making take us on a journey beyond our senses.

To be able to feel it all in my perception and experience is the first step to beginning to heal.

Shutting down.

Running away.

Separating soul from body.

All have there place and time in our lives.

Depending on how much trauma we’ve been through, or what addictions we chose.

But the thing about coming back online in the body/spirit/mind.

Well it is a constant unfolding.

As we move through these coming years, we are being asked to come online and even ushered in.

These are the times of remembering.

What art making and creativity can do, is they can set our hearts on fire.

Open us wider.

Allow us to feel all the parts and face ourselves.

This is the way I see it and my highest excitement in teaching the combinations of art and energy.

My life has taught me and continues to teach me and I will keep learning until I die.

This year, I am inspired by Stephen Levine’s Book – A Year To Live – How To Live This Your As If It Were Your Last

What would you CREATE if you Only had One Year To Live?

What would you choose?

I can tell you what I am choosing.

I am choosing to LIVE Life to its FULLEST.

To finally be the soul I’ve always known myself to be.

And I hope this idea inspires you to bring out your best self.

To leave the past behind and Begin A New.

To dive deeper into my creative practices and art making practice.

To explore all the inner terrains of the soul and the vast landscape it has to offer.

And CREATE with wild, reckless abandon.

Let’s all through caution to the wind…

And use this year to Come Alive.


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