Often in our lives we are faced with many obstacles, hardships, and grievances.

Showing up daily for ourselves takes a lot of inner resilience, dedication, and perseverance, especially when we are faced with hard times.

Over the years I have learned it’s easier to turn away from what is hard, and its harder to turn and face ourselves, our true desires, what we really want not just in art and our respective creative practices, but in life as well.

At the same time when we turn away, blame, stay closed off and shut down, we lose the opportunity to heal, grow and evolve.

It’s easy to stay stuck in the same place, by telling ourselves old stories, or not taking action to move forward.

I know because I have done this for years.

But what if there is something more waiting for us once we turn and look inside?

Five years ago, my world started to crumble, although I was on the healing path since 2010, I still wasn’t facing my true desires, to be an artist, nor was I facing myself.

All the shame, pain, guilt, and fear were buried once under drug use, now secondly under spiritual pursuits…

It wasn’t until my world started spontaneously falling apart at the end of 2015 until 2018 where I would have to learn how to turn and face all the things inside of me.

I had been denying the true calling in my heart for a long time.

At the same time, I had to turn and face what wasn’t working.

I had to admit my mistakes.

I had to find peace and surrender within the process of falling apart. In the process of losing my footing, I found myself, the one I abandoned long ago.

It was hard to admit that all I wanted to do was be an Artist, and I had been denying that side of myself for so long.

I also had to unlearn everything everyone every taught or told me. I had to learn to start operating from my own power. To be my own agent of change. To stand at the center and embrace it all.

Sometimes it’s hard to trust the tiny whispers in our heart. Often, we have buried the truths, or pushed away, or denied the longings for too long.

We may have told ourselves, we were not good enough, or thought it would be to much work to start over, in art and/or life.  All of these things can derail us from what’s calling us forward.

Of course, there is always a time and place.

I spent many years thinking there would always be a right time, now I know there is never really a right time. We are always changing, growing, moving forward in art and life.

Things fall apart and fall back together. And nothing ever stays the same.

So, if you have been waiting to explore something, to turn and face something deeper within yourself, my question to you is:

Isn’t it time you trust your own heart?

If you are looking for guidance and support through these times, are interested in living into your fullest expressions in art and/or life or desire to open to more of your creative life, coaching is available, click here to read about Intuitive Creativity Coaching and feel free to message me here.

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